Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Let me tell you about something,
something that makes me happy.
Something great,
 it’s really something you can appreciate.

Its mine and something no one can take.
Should I tell you what it is?
It’s something that has no borders or
boundaries something that speaks every language.

It travels to every country.
It discriminates against no race, creed, or color.
You don’t need age young or old,
you don’t need permission education or registration.

You can be rich or you can be poor,
 it’s something everyone can enjoy.
 Should I tell you what it is?
 It can be professional or informal;
 it’s old and new but also ever changing.

You can practice or maybe just freestyle.
You can see it live on Broadway plays,
 a Julliard stage or you could also see it on TV.

Like on ABDC, or dancing with the stars,
 maybe you saw it back in the day on fame or today on taking the stage.
So now should I tell you,
 or do you already know it’s beautiful its art its dance.

By Aminah Ahmed 

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