Friday, August 1, 2014

“Eid Reflection”

Eid Mubarak by Off_FoCus_Don, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  Photo by  Off_FoCus_Don

Poem by Aminah Ahmed

A great day of celebration
Of joy and elation
To praise the name of the Creator
And his servant Rasulu’Allah Sall’Allahu Wa Laihi Wa Salaam.

You look back at the days pass
And the feat that you have accomplished thus far
Fasting and doing good deeds for Allah
For 28 to 30 days you stopped doing things
 Under normal circumstances would be ok.

For a portion of the day you stopped
Eating and drinking for Allah
Its almost like a spiritual graduation
Insha’Allah in the days ahead its time
To step up your deen to the next level
Because Ramadan was just the beginning.

If you can restrain yourself from
Eating and drinking well there
Really is nothing you can’t do
Ramadan is like a spiritual boot camp
 Just for you each year, the goal is to get better
The goal is to improve on you
So whether your goal is to memorize another juz
Or to pray all 5 prayers as a regular practice
Its time to make time to develop you spiritual practice.

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